Ferlie Almonte
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Ferlie Almonte
International Motivational Speaker. Resilience and Confidence Coach. Inspirational Entertainer.



Exuberant. Entertaining. Magnetic. Mesmerizing. Hip. Holistic.  

Ferlie Almonte is a multi-talented survivor extraordinaire who uses her own wealth of experience in overcoming life’s adversities to inspire, motivate, mesmerize, and transform individuals and crowds.
Using her signature B.L.I.N.G. method for igniting one’s irresistibility and unleashing their independence, confidence and resilience, Ferlie shares how to turn any obstacle or pain point into a glittering opportunity for empowerment, wisdom, and inspiration. Highly intuitive, deeply compassionate, and hilariously entertaining, Ferlie uses coaching, storytelling  and her unique, inspirational products  to teach others how to embrace new beginnings and to believe that happiness is, indeed, a choice.

"Ferlie spoke from the heart and with such passion. She has a flair about her that draws people to her. She touches people of all ages. That is truly a gift."  

- Frank D. Samperi, ESQ., Real Estate Attorney

Compelling Keynotes and Programs

Make Your Mess Your Message

A high voltage inspirational message that is sure to awaken and ignite the spirits of those trapped in fear, shame of their history, and whose amazing dreams were suppressed by judgment of self and others. Laughter and tears will be shared as people get invited to relive their own journeys of adversities and be challenged to rise above them, move forward audaciously, fearlessly and joyfully in a life of magnificent state of being and purpose.

Connecting the DOTS in Raising Resilient Youth

With our youth as the cornerstone of our future, our youth face many adult challenges that their fragile minds and gentle souls are too complicated to navigate. it is imperative to create an environment where they are groomed and nurtured to be connected, supported and taught skills to be resilient. In the face of "Disaster lies Opportunities, supported by Teams to achieve Solutions" How do we Connect the D.O.T.S.? 

The Power of P.R.I.D.E.: People Respected through Inclusion and Diversity yields Empowerment

It is now undeniable. Diversity and Inclusion is critical to success in organizations. Diversity brings fresh perspectives and innovative ideas. It crosses many barriers~ gender, color, religion, cultures, sexual preferences. Despite the society becoming more open to LGBTQ, there are still many people who hide in fear, scared of being judged, missing out on career advancement opportunities, chances to find love, or simply enjoy the freedom to be ourselves, to share our gifts and talents, and shine. This talk is a Recognition and Celebration of our authentic selves, and a Magical and Motivational Experience to Stepping Out of the Shadows and Emerging into our Light and Greatness...ready to explore our world of possibilities and unleashing the unique genius we have to creating global positive socio-economic impact.


It is always an uphill battle for Women. Women advance in their careers based on our accomplishments, and men, just based on their potential. This Motivational Talk speaks of our untapped executive possibilities, the challenges we face and powerful tips that will help women confidently and successfully stand out, earn the respect, recognition and promotion we deserve. 



  • Captivating Public Speaking Skills
  • Compelling Resume Writing 
  • Confidence Development
  • Corporate Resilience Coaching
  • Dress for Success Image and Style Makeover
  • Empowered Life through Divorce Coaching
  • Interviewing Skills for Unforgettable You Coaching
  • Magnetic Image~ Holistic Personal Brand Building
  • Online Dating Profile Writing
  • Personalized Power Color Analysis
  • Powerful Presence
  • Single & Ready for Love Life Coaching
  • Starting Over after Loss Life Coaching
  • Wardrobe Detox and Personal Shopping Experience